Discover More than 70 Greek Edtech Organizations is a curated resource that features more than 70 Greek education technology organizations. The creator of the website, Stella Kounelaki, is a Fulbright Alumna who returned to Greece after completing her studies at Cornell University and MIT. She is eager to contribute to edtech in Greece with her expertise on developing entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Organizations featured on Mathaino are notable for their high-growth potential. Startups and more established companies alike, are working towards expanding their operations in Greece and abroad. They offer a wide range of educational activities for K-12 and beyond.

Educational Activities for K-12 Students

On Mathaino you will find a variety of educational activities for students in K-12. Some are online, while others are offered by organizations in Athens and other cities in Greece. You will find online tools that teach kids how to code as well as centers in which kids can get going with STEM using LEGO (e.g. AllCanCode, Robotakia, UTech Lab). You will also be able to explore digital games that teach history and culture (e.g. CulturPlay). And, these are just a few knowledge areas from the many that Mathaino covers.

Educational Activities for Adult Learners

Mathaino features a long list of edtech organizations that support adult learners in their quest for new knowledge and skills. Among others, you will find organizations that offer online mentoring platforms (e.g. 100mentors, College Link). You will also find organizations that offer coding bootcamps and 3D printing workshops (e.g. Code it Like a Girl, Hackerspace).

Events Calendar

The events calendar on Mathaino includes educational activities for kids, families, and adults. Events take place in Athens and other cities in Greece. We often find ourselves wanting to explore and learn on a weekend as a way to relax and re-energize. Mathaino curates fun educational events and invites us to check them out!

Mastering new areas of knowledge and building new skills can be daunting. Technology can provide a helping hand by improving access and personalizing instruction to meet learners’ needs. Mathaino is working hard on this front, keeping you up-to-date with the latest resources.